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Who am I?

Psychotherapist in Barcelona

My name is Víctor Suárez Aragonès, and I am a psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and third-generation therapies with a constructivist base approach. In addition to being a clinical therapist, I also work as a researcher and university assistant professor.
I provide online and face-to-face therapy in Barcelona in English, Spanish and Catalan to help people achieve better management of their emotions in difficult situations.
What do I offer?

Psychotherapy in Barcelona or online

Face-to-Face Therapy

Together we can explore and analyze your concerns in order to come up with strategies that can help you achieve a higher level of well-being.

Online Therapy

Designed for individuals that live abroad, have traveling difficulties or simply prefer to do therapy from the comfort of their home.


During my years of clinical experience, I have practiced psychotherapy in Catalan, Spanish and English with people from different countries.

How do I work?

Evidence-based psychotherapy and counselling

My training and professional experience allow me to work with evidence-based psychotherapeutic procedures. From the foundations of cognitive-behavioral therapy in combination with the important benefits of third-generation therapies, my intention is to accompany each person in their life journey based on their needs and their situation.

3 steps in the psychotherapeutic process

1.- Exploration

Our first mission will be to formulate a general hypothesis that can help us explain the situation in which you find yourself.

We often feel some kind of discomfort, but we are not sure what exactly is happening to us. We can assume some diagnosis or symptoms based on what we have read or heard, but sometimes this can bring us even more confusion and uncertainty.
Adopting an attitude based on curiosity, respect and acceptance, we will try to shed light on the issues that concern us in order to find answers that favor the understanding of what is happening to you.

2.- Objectives

Secondly, we will think about the realistic goals that you would be like to achieve taking into consideration our previous conceptualization.

Once we have more understanding and consensus about your situation, we will be able to think in depth about what are the different ways that could be taken to try to reduce your level of discomfort.
Based on what we know people can achieve in similar scenarios, taking into account human strengths and limitations, we will agree on a plausible and desirable outcome that you would like to move closer to.

3.- Strategies

Finally, we will decide and discuss what practical resources we can use to achieve our agreed objectives.

Being now aware of your personal characteristics, we will think about what paths we could take so that you can find a more comfortable position regarding the situation that surrounds you.
Session after session we will assess how we can continue to implement and improve the chosen strategies to obtain a greater sense of well-being.
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